For the past 18 years, Mabat 3D Technologies has been employing innovative technologies, advanced computer software, and last but not least, our team of professional, experienced, and diverse team, to assist our hundreds of clients survey, document, model, and perform 3D geometric mapping of structures, installations, elements, systems, and environments using 3D laser scanning. This innovative technology, which we imported to Israel in 2000 as forerunners and leaders in the field, enables us to record every kind of existing geometry, as simple or complex as it may be, in a quick, complete, safe, reliable, and accurate manner.
Field information, which is collected using the world's most innovative and advanced laser scanners, undergoes comprehensive and varied data processing according to the specific purpose to enable an understanding of the existing situation, facilitate planning and design, execute quality control, calculate quantities, or perform analyses. Thus we can provide our clients with readily available, accurate, and valuable information according to the application they are interested in. As-made states can also be documented in order to track changes or ensure agreement between design and execution.

מבט טכנולוגיות בתלת מימד

Professional staff ad long term relationships

Our service approach is based on active involvement in the projects we undertake. Our aim is to provide the most professional counselling and solutions possible so that each client will receive the optimal response to his or her needs. In many cases, we provide our clients with broad, comprehensive service that extends way beyond the survey itself. At Mabat 3D Technologies, we believe in establishing long-term, stable, and professional relationships that are based on mutual satisfaction. To this end, we consistently expand the applications, knowledge, and technologies we use and develop software and processing tools for self-use. Our expert team includes an in-house service representative who is responsible for all technological development aspects.

Mabat 3D Technologies staff includes qualified surveyors, engineers, survey technicians, data processing experts, and architects who are responsible for generating the products of our varied activities – 3D models, drawings and plans, geometric agreement reports, and more. Our staff members are highly proficient at identifying and defining our clients’ needs and customizing the products accordingly.


Equipment, hardware and software

At Mabat 3D Technologies we use varied and advanced equipment and instrumentation that enables us to execute all kinds of jobs at any level our clients require. Among other things, we use:

  1. P40 HDS3000, Scanstation C10, and RCT360 laser scanners, all made by Leica Geosystems Inc.
  2. Sub-millimetric scanner, made by Surphaser Inc.
  3. Mobile LIDAR motorized laser scanner, made by Riegl, Austria. This scanner enables high-accuracy and high-detail engineering mapping while in motion, without the need to close roads/lanes.
  4. Laser tracker for extremely accurate measurements (~30 micron).
  5. Vivid 9i laser scanner, made by Konica-Minolta for surveying and construction of 3D models of small object and element and for reverse engineering and quality control applications.
  6. Conventional surveying equipment – Total Stations
  7. Point cloud processing and drawing programs: 3DReshaper, Autocad, Civil3D, CloudWorx, Cyclone, FormZ, Revit.

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