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Mabat 3D Technologies Ltd. specializes in mapping and geometric documentation (as-made) of physical objects, structures and environments of all kinds using 3D Laser Scanning techniques (High Definition Survey). Wherever a physical object exists, it is possible to take a three-dimensional “photo” of it and computerize its geometry. The outcome of such work can be a 3D CAD model, a physical model, 2D drawings or any other dimensional documentation.

Professionals engaged in engineering and design are well aware of the need for such tasks. Up until a few years ago, such dimensional documentation was often very limited and insufficient.

3D Laser Scanning is a computerized remote sensing technique that automatically measures the entire object or area of interest at any desired scanning resolution. The advent of this technology has dramatically changed the quality of geometrical documentation, providing accurate, detailed, three-dimensional, systemic and most reliable surveys that enable a wide variety of post-processing deliverables.

Our website presents the technology, describes its applications and gives examples of as-made projects executed by Mabat 3D Technologies.

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